Image Library Submission

Toms Thai

Hobsons Bay City Council is in the process of updating its library of local images which are used in Council publications. We are reaching out to local businesses to offer the opportunity to contribute their promotional images to the library. These images are used in Council’s social media channels and print/online communications products created by Council such as e-newsletters, reports and fliers. They may be used for stories/social media posts related to tourism, business or to depict the local area.

Photo credit would be offered to participating business whenever these images are used including tags on social media where feasible. The images will be used in stories which are not specific to that particular business for example a photograph of a meal provided by a restaurant might be used in a social media post encouraging residents to support local businesses in general.

The types of images we are looking for might include:

  • shop front
  • product/food shots
  • general café/restaurant/shop images
  • business owners at work

In general, we would like to avoid images which include identifiable images of clients/customers (back of head shots are fine). If images feature identifiable images of people (including employees), businesses must provide a photo consent form(PDF, 28KB).

Terms and conditions of use

  • Photos will have a two year expiry and can be used on any of Council’s communication tools (publications- including the newsletter and report, social media- including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or website including Corporate website, libraries website and business website)
  • Businesses can contact the Strategic Communications team on 1300 179 944 if they would like their image removed from the gallery
  • Council will credit the image to the business e.g. Photo credit: Hudson Road Wine Bar


If you would like to participate, please complete a Third Party Copyright Release form and submit images via the form below. 

Photography- Third Party Copyright Release Form(DOCX, 184KB)