'Shop Local, Support Local' Campaign

Shop Local, Support Local Example image

Join us in our ‘Shop Local, Support Local’ campaign by submitting a photo of yourself and letting our community know how they can support your business.  

The campaign will be going live on Hobsons Bay City Council social media channels this weekend. Please submit your photo as soon as possible using the instructions below.  

Step One: Take a photo 

Tips for a successful photo:  

- Take a photo of yourself holding a blank A4 sheet of paper 
- Wear your uniform or include a prop that represents your business if natural to do so 
- Ensure your body (waist to head) fills most of the frame 
- Ensure your face is well lit and free from shadows 
- Send the file in hi res where possible (select ‘Actual Size’ when sending from an iPhone)

Support Local Facebook Post.png

Step Two: Choose a way you would like the community to support your business 

Write your own phrase starting with “Support me/us by…” or choose from one of the below.  

Support me/us by… 

- ordering direct, not through UberEATS  
- visiting my website and ordering online  
- buying a gift certificate for a friend  
- booking an event with us for a future date  
- following us on social media  
- telling your neighbour about us 
- adding a tip – my staff have had their hours cut 

***DO NOT write the phrase on your paper.  Please tell us what you want to include in the form below and we will add it to the photo.  

Step Three: Complete the form below and send us your submission