North and West Melbourne Data Analytics Hub

The Hub is a not-for-profit program operated by NORTH Link in partnership with the Victorian Government. It provides businesses with access to skilled data analytics students from several universities and TAFE institutes to assist businesses to discover the insights which analysing data can deliver.

Data analytics is the process of looking at the information in your organisation to make better business decisions. The Hub speeds up this process by assisting a business to identify specific areas of operation that have data that can be used.

It then facilitates internships with data analytics students that will develop something of real value to the organisation. Common outputs have been dashboards, predictive analyses, geographic maps of data and detailed reports answering specific business questions.

The Hub has worked with start up organisations, large healthcare providers and businesses of all sizes in between across a variety of industries.

The Hub believes all organisations can benefit from a data analytics project, so if you’re unsure of what to do you, first step is to visit or contact James Wallace on 0406 500 240 or email