Reimagining our Industrial Areas

Reimagining our Industrial Areas Cover Photo

Globalisation, technological advancements, and climate change, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, have significantly transformed Melbourne’s economy. There has been a shift towards a more ‘knowledge-based’ economy with industry sectors that employ specialist skills and innovation.

With an established industrial legacy, strategic location, and skilled workforce, Hobsons Bay can capitalise on these broader economic trends and create a path to a more sustainable and resilient economy.

Due to a decline in the traditional manufacturing sector there is now opportunity for new and emerging industry sectors to locate in and transform our key industrial precincts.

Hobsons Bay City Council is committed to working with existing and new industries to diversify employment offerings and ensure industries have a positive impact on our city.

We aim to increase local jobs and diversify our industry sectors, become an environmental leader, balance job growth with community impacts and continue to be a major economic force in the Victorian economy.

A statement of opportunity

Hobsons Bay City Council have prepared a prospectus that outlines why Hobsons Bay is the location of choice for industries in Melbourne's West and proposes objectives to guide change and development in our key industrial precincts. 

Reimagining our Industrial Areas - A Statement of Opportunity(PDF, 14MB)

Council are currently seeking community feedback on this document.  

To review the document and provide feedback, visit Participate Hobsons Bay.

Feedback gathered will be used to update and finalise the Statement of Opportunity document and will inform the review of the Council’s Industrial Land Management Strategy 2008 and Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020.

In addition to reimagining the future of our industrial areas, we will continue to support our existing businesses and grow our activity centres. Our activity centres deliver jobs for our community in sectors such as healthcare, the visitor economy/tourism, arts and culture and education. Our Activity Centre Strategy 2018 will continue to guide the growth and development of these commercial areas and we will review our 2015-2020 Economic Development Strategy to provide a new economic narrative for the city. 

For more information 


If you are an existing industry in Hobsons Bay and are looking to alter operations or expand, please contact the Statutory Planning
or Economic Development and Social Planning team to discuss by emailing or calling 1300 179 944.


If you are interested in helping us to achieve a more sustainable future with an increase in jobs and ongoing economic growth, please contact the Strategic Planning or Economic Development and Social Planning team to discuss by emailing or calling 1300 179 944.