Economic Development Strategy

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Hobsons Bay City Council adopted a new Economic Development Strategy 2023-28 (EDS) at the December 12 Council Meeting 2023.

The new EDS is a forward-looking strategy that prioritises creating a positive economic environment for businesses and people who visit, live and work in Hobsons Bay. 

The strategy has been informed by preliminary engagement and analysis of economic change in a post-COVID context. It builds on the significant advantages of Hobsons Bay and proposes a vision and three key pillars as a framework to drive a strong and resilient local economy.


By 2030 Hobsons Bay City Council will have a network of resilient business precincts that leverage and enhance the valued natural, built and cultural assets of the city in particular our desirable location by Port Phillip Bay. The municipality will support existing and emerging industries and be the preferred location in Melbourne’s west for businesses investing in the circular economy, renewables and zero carbon that are committed to making the city an attractive, green and enjoyable place to work, live and visit.


  • Grow: To build strong and resilient precincts by supporting local networks and community enterprise.
  • Elevate: To enhance and promote our valued natural, built and cultural assets across the city and to leverage the strategic advantages they present to the Hobsons Bay City Council economy.
  • Transform: To support green businesses and the broader economy to transition to a new green future, which includes circular economy and zero carbon industries.

Endorsed Economic Development Strategy 2023-28

To read online or download a copy of the endorsed Economic Development Strategy 2023-28, please click on the following link. 


Project Timeline

Initial stakeholder engagements including business workshops, interviews, business and resident surveys took place between November 2022 and January 2023. Feedback was sought on the draft strategy via a public consultation period from 11 October to 10 November 2023. Consultation findings can be found on Council's participate webpage here.

Previous Economic Development Strategy (2015-2020)

To view the previous Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan 2015-2020, please click on the following link. 

Hobsons Bay Economic Development Strategy 2015-2020(PDF, 6MB)