Single-use Plastic Ban

Single Use Plastic Ban - SM Tile

From February 2023 the Victorian State Government will ban some plastic products. This means businesses will no longer be able to sell or provide these items to customers. 

You may be at risk of a fine if you continue to sell or supply these items.

For more information on the ban visit or download the factsheet

What is being banned? 

  • plastic drinking straws
  • plastic cutlery including knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, sporks, splades, and food picks 
  • plastic plates
  • plastic drink stirrers and sticks
  • plastic cotton bud sticks
  • expanded polystyrene containers, such as clamshells 

The road to reusables 

You can future-proof your business against further bans by introducing reusable options. 

Download this factsheet here(PDF, 2MB) and share it with your business.

Useful resources 

Victorian Government Plastics Hub
You can learn more about the ban and exemptions and download posters to display at your business which are available in several languages.

Sustainability Victoria Plastics Hub
Find resources to understand how your business can reduce single-use plastic products.

National Retail Association Plastics Hub
Download a chart showing the current and proposed legislation for all single-use plastic products in each state.

Plastic Free Places
Find resources and case studies to support your ideas to reduce plastic-use.  You can also find advice on understanding different packaging options and which ones are truly plastic-free.