Do you want to be a more sustainable business?

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Do you want to run a more sustainable business but not sure where to start? These 8 simple steps can help you get started on your sustainability journey.

  1. Adopt a principles based approach
    Operate your business based on ethical and environmental concepts

  2. Consider your impacts
    Check out the SDG app to learn about your environmental impacts and ways that others around you are taking action

  3. Prioritise what matters
    Look at your business' goals, activities and impacts and match these with sustainable actions you can take

  4. Assess your existing practices
    Whether you have lots of sustainable practices or none, establishing a baseline will help you take the next steps

  5. Commit to sustainable packaging
    There are many easy and cheap sustainable packaging options

  6. Measure & communicate progress
    We all know what gets measured gets done, and sustainability is no different. Set metrics and track your progress

  7. Access government support
    There are plenty of sustainability-related rebates, financial assistance and information available

  8. Promote what you're doing
    Local business awards and networks are great ways to share your success stories

Want to learn more?

Hobsons Bay City Council can help your business become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. We can assist you with cutting costs, lowering your energy use and future-proofing your business. Contact for more information.