Your COVIDSafe Plan

A COVIDSafe plan is Developed by businesses operating in-person to maintain a COVIDSafe workspace and prepare for suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. It must be kept in the business premises and all staff should be aware about where it is.

A new COVIDSafe Plan template is now available that you can go through to make changes to and update your COVIDSafe Plan.

The six principles that need to be addressed while making a COVIDSafe plan include:

  • Physical Distancing
  • Face Masks
  • Hygiene
  • Record Keeping
  • Enclosed spaces and ventilation
  • Workforce bubbles

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Key Points of the COVID Safe plan

  • All employees need to abide by the COVIDSafe plan.
  • Plans do not need to be submitted to the Victorian Government.
  • Businesses with multiple worksites need multiple COVIDSafe plans.
  • COVIDSafe Plans are subject to change with change in restrictions.
  • They must be modified if directed by Authorised Officer or Workspace inspector.
  • Monitoring is done by virtual and physical inspections.


Free COVIDSafe Plan review service

The Victorian Government is offering a free, confidential review of your COVIDSafe Plan by professional services firm, Ernst & Young (EY). The review will help to ensure your plan reflects the current COVIDSafe Settings. EY professionals will consider all relevant information, identify any gaps and provide advice on how the plan is being implemented.  

To book a review, email  with your business name, a contact name and phone number.

Visit  COVIDSafe Plan | Coronavirus Victoria for more information

The Victorian Government is also offering free informational forums for small to medium businesses to ensure your COVIDSafe Plan is up to date and reflects current COVIDSafe Settings.

To attend one of the information forums, email